Agbaje Ayomide
3 min readJun 13, 2023


The Battle With Life

Life, is such a daring adventure! You have not only come to life to just live it, you have also come to survive it. You’re in to face an uphill battle. You are to fight with life. But, sadly, not all who fights a battle wins it eventually. You only take risks and chances on life. You may win; you may lose!

Of course, I know of those feelings when in the challenging situations we face in life. Events sometimes do not turn out in our favour. We keep struggling our way, with hope beaming its rays on us for a better tomorrow. Hope is what we are just holding on to, like a water held in a clenched fist. Hope is just our last hope!

And of course, I know there is also a point in these dire situations. Where the hope that has been sustaining you seems to be dashed away. How it seems as though there is almost nothing to hope for anymore. How hard, frustrating, annoying and depressing your present days can be. And how just an end to your state of despondency appears to be the light at the end of the tunnel. You have tried hard to keep these hopes alive anyway, but all you could see everyday are the otherwise of what you have hoped for.

You’re now in a folorn of hope. And also helpless, such that any help even offered to you may seem not to assuage the doldurms you have sunk into. You now desperately yearn peace for your troubled mind. One more day, or week, brooding over your woebegone situation and nursing your wounds now also become unbearable. You would admit that life is unfair and merciless, whose punches swayed out of balance and whose train ran speedily over you without a whit of concern for your plights.

Yes, these times are real. And they really do happen — amongst us, even within us! The vehicle of life could sometimes swerve out of one’s control gear. And it takes a great deal of mental struggle to drive back in place, and unfortunately, not all has the required mettle.

In the battle with life, only the fittest mostly survives it. You will lose, many times. You will win, too. The weapons in your arsenal will finish on the battlefield, you will reload, then, it will finish again and again — even in the heat of the battle.

As a fighter with life, you must be dogged, really dogged. The battle is never going to be easy. You’re a soldier, so when you lose, you wear your cape again and live to fight another day. The truth is, you may never get what you really want if you don’t fight for it with life. You fight and fight till you eventually win — if and only if you do not give up on the battle.

Never give in, no matter how intense the throes of the battle are. Remain that fighter you were born to be! And fight till the very end. Stay to fight many more battles, and be a conqueror! 💪🏻 Staying in the struggle to fight the good fight of faith is always better. ✊🏻 Your victory will come when you will finally gain the territory of life. Live to witness your scars from the battle, as your story! You just have to be alive, to have survived, to experience this — the battle’s aftermath that is full of glad tidings and cheers.

Push on. Keep strong. Scale through. Struggle, struggle to the very end. The sun out there is still bright enough to dry the wet clothes. Sweetness indeed, they say, comes after the savoury of a bitter leaf. Soldier on, Fighter! ✊🏻

Lots of love from your comrade in the battle with life. ❤👮🏻 Let’s all live to witness the beauty of the rainbow that comes after the rainy storm. 🌧🌈

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